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I am a director for Capaan Day Services Ltd in Enfield north London. Capaan
provides social education and Day-care services to young adults with Learning
Difficulties who are experiencing emotional and behavioural challenges.

I am a proud father of 3 girls who have flown the nest as it were. Having completed
various degrees in their areas of study.

I have worked in the building industry in Kenya and the UK. By profession am a
qualified plumber and a gas engineer. After working in that capacity in London for
several years I downed my tools and changed my career path completely and joined
the British Refugee Council on advisory role for 5 years.

My wife and I founded St Ann Baby And Children’s Home in 2007 in kekopey Gigil.
Kenya. The children home assist abandoned babies from birth and raise them to be
amazing individuals in the community, we currently look after 43 children. The oldest
is now 13 years old . As a family we have been able to buy land and donate it to this
cause, and with help from well-wishers we were able to build a home for them, for
the 13 years we have clothed, educated and brought them up in a God fearing
environment. Our funding has come from our business ventures in the UK and other
equal minded people.

I am a Christian, actively studying and teaching applied Christianity and mentoring
young people to attain financial freedom according to the principles laid down in the

I have several higher building National diplomas from KIST Kiambu institute of
science and Technology, Nairobi Polytechnic in Kenya and St James community
college in Toronto Canada.

I have a teaching diploma from Kenya technical teachers college, and I have tutored
building courses in technical colleges in Kenya.

I have master’s degree in refuge studies from university of east London and
currently applying to do a PHD programme in politics and international

I am advocate of social injustices especially when the intrinsic value of a human
being is degraded. I believe human beings have inalienable rights, which include,
but are not limited to, life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. I believe and
stand for the Human rights as detailed in the Universal declaration of Human Rights,
am passionate in helping and uplifting the wellbeing of others.

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