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Hi I am Dr Tee the secretary and PR at ADWU. At a very young age I left Kenya for Germany where I worked and studied simultaneously. As years passed I obtained a certificate equivalent to "A" levels and also obtained "Grund Stueffe 3” in German language from the Goethe Institute in Cologne Germany. After I undertook a MA in Human Rights and International Relations at Roehampton University UK. Completing a university degree and taking part in several enrichment activities for the community enabled me to obtain a doctor of humanity honorary. In a nut-shell I am a housewife, community worker and run my online business for 10 years now.

Professional Development - I have worked at:


  1. Nation Newspapers as a secretary for 1 year. 

  2. Kenya Re Insurance for 1 year.

  3. Kenya Embassy Bonn and Kenya Consulate Frankfurt Germany as a Secretary/PA.

  4. FedEx Frankfurt as a data processor for 6 years.

  5. Euro London UK as a German/English translator for 10 years and counting.  


Personal Development Projects:


The Evangelist/Preacher:

  • I have been privileged to be the minister in Kenya, Liberia, India, UK and USA.


The Philanthropist:

  • Remove teenage prostitution from the streets and provide them with accommodation and education. I believe that education will equip them with the correct skills which they can transfer in the workplace.

  •  I have created lobby funds which are strictly used to pay for hospital bills for those who are financially deprived. 

  • Furthermore I have developed a special kitty that pays school fees for the underprivileged children,widows,orphans, unemployed and single parents with more than 3 kids.

The Counselor: 

  • I have the privilege to counsel many individuals that come from a variety of different social groups. Currently, my main focus is to counsel younger women who are going through distress in areas of sex, relationships, terminal illness, depression and failed marriages etc.


The Politician:

  • Currently the secretary at ODM UK.


The Entrepreneur - I am the:

  • CEO of Prisky Anything and Everything - my website is under construction and should be running soon.

  • CEO of Maranatha Pre Primary Academy Otho - Here we educate pre-school children free of charge to enable their mothers to earn a living. We normally have between 20 and 50 children. In this academy we also take on board orphan children or children who come from zero earning families. Once we have taken these children on board, we provide them with the best possible education enabling them to develop a successful career. 

  • Founder and Senior Pastor at Maranatha Christian Center Ortho.

  • Board Member and Spiritual Mother at Hallmark of Faith International Christian Organisation. 


Taking part in both personal and professional development programs has enabled me to develop, build as well as learn new skills. These skills include:


▪︎Project management. 

▪︎Strategic planning. 

▪︎Public speaking.

▪︎Community outreach.


▪︎Workshop facilitating.


▪︎Business development. 


▪︎Critical thinking. 

▪︎Operational management. 

▪︎Strategic analysis. 

▪︎Legal advice. 

▪︎ Managing change.

▪︎ Consulting.


In addition, throughout my journey I have learnt various different languages which has enabled me to successfully communicate with people on all levels. Currently I can speak:

  • English.

  • German.

  • Swahili.

  • Luo.

  • Kikuyu (rusty now).

Image by Bailey Torres
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