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Numerous researches have shown that ethnicity is the major factor that perpetuates hate crime and racism, for example, BAM is more associated with the risk of receipt of more discriminated experiences severely and in the increased rates compared to the less received by the general population. There is detailed evidence that indicates that social injustices does not affect all communities equally. 


Understanding the impact of social injustices which comprises of discrimination, harassment, bullying and prejudice towards black African minority groups (BAM) communities prevails and that is what has given birth to African Diaspora Workers Union (ADWU) which advocates for members deprived rights of equal opportunities for all.



Historical racism and worse sufferings of BAM at work may mean that individuals in BAM groups are less inclined to pursue their rights because they don't have faith to the justice system and are less likely to speak up when they have concerns therefore ADWU would  be able to fill the gaps.

ADWU is comprehending the impact of COVID-19 on BAM communities indicated that they were more effected by the pandemic more than others, exacerbating existing inequalities. Many had lost lives, colleagues or family members to the disease, and nearly all are experiencing the impact of the disease on their communities with the significant social, physical and mental health impacts and complications.

The emerging evidence suggests excess mortality due to COVID-19 in BAM populations. Individuals of Black African or Black Caribbean and Asian ethnic groups may have the highest increased risk. The most current research from the UK implies that both ethnicity and income inequality are independently associated with COVID-19 mortality. 

This assessment has been backed up by the commissioned ,the Chief Medical Officer for England in a finding to comprehend the magnitude that ethnicity affects upon risk and consequences. Communities from BAM groups are more potential to work in occupations with a higher risk of COVID-19 exposure. They are more likely to use public transportation to travel to their fundamental work which ADWU would be involved in fighting for members rights.


There is some evidence which supports the hypothesis that BAME groups are more likely to test positive for COVID-19 than those identifying as White British but more needs to be done for other minority ethnic groups, therefore, ADWU would step up for the best interest of our members. The highlight has shown that BAME groups being harder hit by the COVID-19  in similarities with racial discrimination.


ADWU would be used to strengthen and accelerate efforts moving forward with Clear, visible and tangible actions, provided at scale with a commitment to address the underlying factors in which the BAME groups tend to have poorer socioeconomic circumstances which lead to poorer health outcomes. 

ADWU progressive approach;

Action is needed to change the structural and societal environments such as the homes, neighbourhoods, work places - not solely focusing on individuals. There is a legal duty and moral responsibility to reduce inequalities.


Highlight members about the increased risk of exposure to and acquisition of COVID-19.

ADWU members awareness about the impact of COVID-19 on BAME communities highlighted by the high proportion of BAME groups that were key workers and in occupations that placed them at risk by increasing the likelihood of social contact and increasing the risk of being exposed to those infected with COVID-19. 


Importance of ADWU members need to be appreciated ,valued and respected as the key workforce and ensuring that our members are in provision of adequate protective equipment; stronger arrangements for workplace wellbeing and risk assessments; targeted education, awareness and support for our members in terms of occupational risk assessments; and tackling workplace bullying, racism and discrimination to create environments that allow workers to express and their concerns and the voices to be heard.


 ADWU will set out strategies recommended by members such as strengthening targeted empowerment programmes

to eliminate racism, stigma, fear and  build trust.


ADWU to challenge racism and discrimination experienced by communities and more specifically by BAME key workers as a root cause affecting health, and exposure to risk and disease progression.


Racial discrimination affects people’s life chances and the stress associated with being discriminated against based on

race/ethnicity a likelihood of affecting the mental and physical health. 


For many BAME groups, lack of trust to NHS services and health care treatment  and other government services resulted in their reluctance to seek care and treatment on a timely basis, and fearful for their voices not to be heard 

Despite these challenges, ADWU emphasis the significance and need for our family communities to partner with us  and challenge government and anchor stable institutions to create lasting solutions.

ADWU will play a vital roles particularly in the African communities in relating and connecting  with other Allied communities as a channel of a trusted source of information, leadership and engagement to be better engaged in future efforts to build community resilience and prepare communities for the immediate and long-term challenges to eliminate racism and discrimination across the nation.


ADWU would work in a collaborative effort with the National and local government officials (including public health teams) a window unique opportunity to provide advocacy for our members.


ADWU would intensify the mechanism to tackle racism and discrimination for the benefit of our members and particularly within the health and care sector which the BAM are overrepresented and must progress at pace with a clear obligation for enhancing diversity and exclusivity in both leadership at all levels in the labour sector and health and care system, reflecting the communities they served.


Strategies to create healthy and supportive workplaces (within and outside the health service) that have zero tolerance for discrimination and empower BAME staff to raise concerns about occupational risk and safety are essential, however,

there is plenty of work needed at local, regional and national levels.


ADWU main task is to step-up commitments and accelerates the pace of change.


ADWU would be prepared to alongside a willingness share good strategy and co-produce the change formulated moving forward.


ADWU would make numerous recommendations for further research to understand the impact of social injustice faced by BAME groups. The extent to which affects our members especially on the socio-economic, occupational, cultural and structural factors (racism, discrimination, stigma).

ADWU members within and outside the organization will work in partnership with communities, ideally embedding community participatory research principles and integrating further for deliberation needs to be given to factors such as heath, Education and housing among others.


BAME groups in England were disproportionately affected and the need for further research on the economic empowerment.

Social injustice accelerated by COVID-19  pandemic on BAME groups, seems likely be relatively long period and severe, with lasting health and wellbeing consequences.


ADWU would ensuring extended term sustainable change, establish cross-government infrastructure to drive change, address occupational risk and act to mitigate the impact of race crime.

ADWU will look into all the number of factors ranging from social and economic inequalities, racism, discrimination and stigma, occupational risk, inequalities in the prevalence of conditions that increase the severity.

The Union obligation is to ensure that urgent, collaborative and decisive action engagement exercise,  both clearly and consistently expressed consideration of ethnicity, racism and structural disadvantage is accelerated in tackling health inequalities.disadvantage is accelerated in tackling health inequalities.

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Organise The Employed
 In areas of employment which provide services to the public whether in public particularly NHS where most members are employed, or other private or voluntary sectors of the U.K economy.
Equality Of Treatment
Ensure equality of treatment and fair representation for all members and to work for the elimination of discrimination on grounds of race, gender, sexuality, gender identity, disability, age or creed.
Protect The Rights
To seek to protect the rights of all members to be treated with dignity and respect irrespective of race, gender, sexuality, gender identity, disability,        age or creed.
Pay And More
To improve the pay, fair promotion and conditions of members and promote their interests is one of our main mission at African Diaspora Workers Union UK. So join our community now!
To establish good relations between members and their employers, to secure the settlement of disputes arising from members’ employment, and to participate in joint negotiating machinery.
Trade Unionism
Trade unionism. is something that is very close to our heart at African Diaspora Workers Union. We want to make sure that we promote trade unionism as we are a community that is always together.
Health & Safety
At ADWU we want to promote and improve the health, safety and welfare of members in the workplace. So what are you waiting for - join our ADWU community right away.
Equal Access
To work to achieve equal access to public services for all our members and to ensure that all users of public services are treated with dignity and respect, irrespective of their social group.
Employee + Consumer
To promote greater employee, consumer and user involvement and representation in the delivery of public services, irrespective of race, gender, sexuality, gender identity, disability, age or creed..
Work Together
To work with all other interested parties, individuals and organisations to maintain and improve the quality of services to the public. So what are you waiting for join our ADWU community right now.
UK Government
To liaise with the United Kingdom Government, devolved administrations and all other levels of government on public services and related matters and to promote and monitor legislations.
Our ADWU community want to promote and pursue environmental sustainability in all our work. So what are you waiting for join our amazing ADWU community     right now.
Fairness Matters
Our main aim at ADWUU is to challenge and advance our demands such as fair disciplinary processes and career promotions by employers. So what are you all waiting for join the community now.
Research And More
At ADWU we want to  promote a world of work research and resources. If you want to join our mission - register to our ADWU community right away by clicking the button below.
















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