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ADWU Policies and Regulations

As you have witnessed that we are always receiving members joining the group outside the U.K.

,it is not our wish to keep on removing them day in day out due to a policy and regulations implemented by the register of trade unions.

ADWU has been inclusive and will continue to do so from generations to the another because that is who we are and represents.

However, after a wide consultation,we have decided to allow members to join us from all nations but only if you are in a diaspora.

Keep in mind that ADWU can only support registered members from U.K in terms of advocacy and representations . Anyone else who joined outside U.K will be part of the union in no particular order and category of stakeholders, friends of the Union or purposes of benchmarking in order to extend our outreach for a more inclusive,diverse and diaspora friendly work places across the globe.

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