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After a very lengthy meeting with all members on 25th July 2020 with all members present we came to the conclusion that our first priority is service delivery to our members. 

We realised that delivery to the Community, fighting for our space as Africans in this country, advocating for equality, ensuring our presence as Africans in this country is also felt and acknowledged, standing up against racism, maintaining peace and integrity must at all times supersede the  name of an Organisation or personal interest.

Therefore, with the above in mind we reached the following decisions: Members agreed to go under the name *"African* *Diaspora* *Workers Union* *UK" (ADWU)* 

formed an Organizational Team comprising of:

- Founder/Chairman

Bryan Ronoh

- Secretary General

Mr. Ayub Njenga

- Public Relations

Mr. Francis Jehu Badu

- Treasurer

Christine Arende

- Secretary

Dr. Tee Byera

Lets all remember that this Union belong to all of us and that each one of us has a vital role to play.

Each one of us here  has a gift, and strength that they can bring to the Union.

Workers Equality Matters.

ADWU executive team

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