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Racism Racism Racism

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Racism Racism Racism

What is it..............

The word Racism started to make its first manifestation in the early twentieth century but the idea that a certain group of people are superiors than other has been around in the word for an extensive time. For example in 15 century and 16 century the African populations were considered to be lower than any race and the Europeans use them as slaves. Even before that when the Egyptians use the Jewish population as slaves to help them build their famous pyramids with their hard unpaid manual labor. Two of the worst racist events in the history of mankind against any ethnic group situated in Europe to be accurate in Germany beneath the command of Hitler; slaughtering millions of Jews, Gypsies, and Catholics. This Luciferus deed recognised and commemorated every year in remembrance as the carnage and killing of Jews is dialogued every year and even visits to Auschwitz concentration camp occurs to highlight what happened there.

The second least talked about and in my opinion the worst astrocity, rarely given the light of the day, never discussed or mentioned even in history lessons in depth, is the enslavement of the black man all over the world, a lot is is said although vaguely, about slaves in America but silence even to this day, is about slaves who went to the Arab world and we don’t see any descendants of this slaves as it documented that, all men were castrated as soon as they hit the Arab shores. Remember the word eunuch even in the bible. Check out it’s meaning.

Everyone, even history books are silent about the genocide the people of colour have gone through in South America, countries like Argentina have systematically enslaved and killed blacks throughout history.

Effects of racism against ethnic groups can cause many social and political conflicts. In some cases this actions have even brought the ethnic groups to be paid lower than others of different societies because of their religion, appearance or nationalities. They’re even put to do higher risk jobs because no one else would. In example like the Immigrants that pass through a journey to get to the United States, U.K. and Europe to get a healthier life, they have to work with being paid small quantities of money for a high risk or Unpleasant job that the citizen of the country are unwilling to do. Racism brings harms to others physically or emotionally in many ways: Self hate can be causes of racism were the person might dislike for his/her qualities. Suicides also are affected by racism, if their constantly mocked this can lead to depressions, suicidal thoughts and then death. Racial problems may also cause ethnic groups attack against someone or another certain ethnic group they consider worthless or bellow themselves. Some even develop eating disorder because of verbal abuse that has affected him/her. Others take the anger and frustration becoming bullies and racist themselves. These thing help develop Ethnic hatred between each other and discrimination arise from these events.

Racism has multiple concepts; Many types of racism. Racism has a cause and effect. Discrimination, oppression, violence, intimidation are some of them.While racism between races are able to happened because of their difference in cultural, heritage, language, ideas and historical factors. Individual racism is an intentional n the part of the perpetrator to injure or harm another because of perceived racial difference. The lynching of blacks by KKK is an example of individual racism.

Institutional racism evolves when racial oppression and inequality are at the norm in a society those attitudes subsequently permeate the various legal, educational, and economic institution, creating a system that directly or indirectly excludes or discriminates against, members of one or another racial or ethnic community. Racism is not a U.K. or usa localised phenomena but a geo social political and economical one orchestrated to the benefit of the whites over the blacks, even the term black in itself is racist in its definition. To understand the the report that has just come out we need to go back to history so that we can learn where it thinking and naivety has come from. I never knew I was black until things like my accent or the mastery of my English language were used as a yardstick to arrive at my IQ levels.

Education and rewriting of history to paint the true picture of what happened to our ancestors in far away lands and the absence of us in decision making forums keeps the racial card covered so it can be used openly without retribution.

or covered in transactions of deals in the arms or other lucrative trading going on in the world today.

We talk about BAME issues here but that is just the seen tip of the iceberg.

The bigger issues of division, occupation and plundering of our natural resources owned by the rights of birth in African nations is a topic of another day.

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