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First thanks for your information, well for us to develop in any spheres of human kinds we ought to agree to disagree but with facts around .from. Let’s look at a different school of thoughts brothers and sisters.most of our people lack information and only follow mainstream media already organised articles after articles in support of such agendas ie controlled media

Ok back to president kagame cum boris bogus relationship.first kagame grew up in a refugee camp in Uganda he understands the plights of seeking asylum unlike boris , priti patel in addition to the Denmarks immigration minister mattia T whose parents were immigrants before settling in Europe .

Let us be honest those who want to know please, how is Rwanda’s human rights records on opposition, dig deep , Rwanda has a policy where by every opposition home or abroad is an enemy of the state and every possible opportunity Rwanda has continued to either kill individuals at home or imprison then with hefty lengthy prison sentences. Some have been killed within Nairobi suburbs when they ran away from Rwanda opposition in Uganda others in South Africa even within Rwanda. Constructing great roads and clean city is different from human rights initiatives. If kagame could even imprison a female opposition for just mentioning that while genocide happened the RPF govt later on Aldo participated in a similar scheme of cleansing btn Congo snd Rwanda worst of all in a refugee camps, this is all documented by UN however Rwanda is as good as Israel in terms of branding and propaganda.

First we should understand Rwanda needs funds they will make any shady business deals with any govt then come out and cook around any bloody reasons for all media to justify their claims.

Look at it this way brothers and sisters, it would have been great if in such policy there was collusion or collludind by the conservatives .

Imagine the person introducing the policy is a daughter of an immigrant from Uganda, the person leading him to commit such is also a grand son of a Turkish migrant to uk and the guy using uk case studies to justify them new policy also with Rwanda in Denmark is an immigrations minister son of an Ethiopian migrant with a danish woman. Overall the west is just after meeting their anti migration goals not in good faith instead of dealing with these rogue state leadership across the continent.

My last take or question to any one welcoming such a double standards policy is; how come they haven’t sent the Ukraine refugees yet to Rwanda? how about asylum seekers from Rwanda once they cross the channel to Kent where will uk send them too? this is just like these Passport / citizenship law where by if you are a son or a daughter of an immigrant you get involved in going to join rebels fighting the western democracy agendas abroad if not rubber stamped by the west one loses his citizenship. The same question goes out how about those that were born and bred here by a generation after generations of white parents if they got involved where would uk send them too? Double whammy mentally.

What kagame is doing is stupidity of the highest order,

UK’s problem isn’t immigration except mismanagement of both home office snd nhs and some pickets of corruption within the elite just as was the awarding of PPE contracts to family members during convid19 by a govt or civil servants to family members. Ok Africans problems isn’t unity but institutions that function just like Europe or states. The forces for unity are weaker compared the the external forces for disunity within Africa. It’s leadership,once wr reach a level of having transparent electoral systems and the respect of the three arms of the state without collusion then we will move to the next step. Our mindset has to change so that we agree to disagree with opposition parties or different minds while we continue to work together.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend

From JSK jnr

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