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Oct 26, 2020
In General Discussions
Reviews or testimonials regarding any service are the only way to get an idea about its quality and credibility. receives numerous feedbacks from students all over the world. MyAssignmenthelp show the dedication and efforts the company put to ensure 100% quality. Although most of the reviews are positive, but there are testimonials with negative feedback as well. There is no denial of the fact that negative testimonials from the clients are common, and a fake or intentionally written negative review can leave an adverse effect on services like This is why, students should read, so they get to read genuine reviews from students and experts. · It hurts the business: - The first thing that the negative or fake reviews do is affecting the business’ profit and loss margins. It can be said that, if people start believing has poor service or hiring them is a waste of money, then it will definitely affect the growth of the company. · It harms the reputation:- Negative reviews also affect the reputation of a website. It is important to give a thorough check on the website on a regular basis. If more negative testimonials are posted which are original, it is important to work on them and find out the area where the service lags behind. But, on the other hand, if the reviews are fake, strict action should be taken and make sure that the customers are not influenced by them. It is important to maintain the quality although to make sure there are no negative reviews on any other website. · Customers think My Assignment help is fraud: - reviews are seen by every customer from different region. If more negative reviews are posted in, they can think to be a fraud service. If this falsification spreads rapidly, there can be a huge loss in the business.
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